Feb 11 2014

UPEI Climate Lab and Simon Fraser University's Spatial Interface Research Lab to unveil CLIVE.

Dr. Fenech will do a live demonstration of CLIVE at a lecture on February 11 at 7 pm in the Amphitheatre in the Duffy Science Centre. The presentation, “Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise—Preparing for Prince Edward Island’s Future,” will discuss how our buildings, roads, communities bridges will be affected by coastal erosion and sea-level rise.


Feb 10 2014

SIRL and research partners at the Climate Lab, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) have just announced our new tool, CLIVE (CoastaL Impact Visualization Environment). 

CLIVE is a new interactive climate change/sea level rise/storm surge visualization tool. CLIVE allows stakeholders to interactively explore the province of PEI's coastlines, and interactively explore climate change, sea-level rise and storm surge scenarios. Significantly, users can interactively select, toggle on/off, view and compare various scenarios of coastal vulnerability using real data and climate models (UPEI has a very large collection of climate data and climate models).

There is a more detailed description on our Research Projects page.

SFU Public and Media Relations release here.
UPEI media release here.
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Dr. Nick Hedley SFU Spatial Interface Research Lab


Welcome new SIRL Graduate Research Assistant/MSc students Olympia Koziatek and Nick Benoy. After a successful SIRL Undergraduate Research Assistantships studying marine debris simulation/visualization, Olympia and Nick have graduated and are returning for MSc research. Awesome!


Introducing Coastbuster! Developed by Ocean Networks Canada in collaboration with Simon Fraser University's Spatial Interface Research Lab, Coastbuster allows volunteers and residents of coastal communities to gather evidence of tsunami debris and share this information using social networking tools. The mobile tracking app is simple to use and supports coordinated debris-location efforts along the Pacific coast from Oregon to Alaska.


Welcome new SIRL Research Assistants Olympia Koziatek and Nick Benoy! Working on marine debris visualization, hazards, and bathymetric environments!


Welcome new SIRL Graduate Research Assistant/MSc student Chris Lonergan. After a successful SIRL Undergraduate Research Assistantship, Chris is back for more!


This is a paid developer opportunity. Please email Dr. Hedley at hedley@sfu.cafor details. POSITION FILLED

September 2010

Sonja Aagesen joined the Spatial Interface Research Lab team this Fall. Sonja will be working on research funded by SSHRC. She will be conducting research into the use of 3D user-driven visualization interfaces for non-linear sense-making of archeological data and reconstructed scenarios. Welcome Sonja!

August 2010

SIRL Researcher Britta Ricker became a new mum on August 21. Proud parents Jared (Physical Geographer) and Britta wonder what kind of geographer Hazel Mae will be one day... Congratulations from everyone at SIRL!

June 2010

On June 18 2010, during the 2010 Canadian Geomatics Conference in Calgary, a refereed research poster by SIRL Research Associate Ana Brandusesu took 2nd place out of 42 very competitive (graduate) student posters from all across Canada. Ana worked on a project with Nick Hedley to develop a new 3D Google Earth mashup of the slums of Mumbai (and an equivalent social-theoretical approach). In particular, she was addressing limitations of the GeoWeb and how people who are marginalized in the real world are also being marginalized in the virtual geographies of the GeoWeb.  

June 2010

Helge presented a paper/research he has co-authored with Nick Hedley and Ilja Tromp van Meerveld, at the 3rd International Digital Earth Summit in Sofia, Bulgaria.

September 2009

Britta Ricker joined the Spatial Interface Research Lab team this Fall. Britta is working on research funded by GEOIDE NCE, and will focus on the development, implementation and user testing of mobile augmented reality games for geomatic education. Welcome Britta!

April 24 2009

Cyrille Medard de Chardon successfully defended his MSc thesis today. Congrats to Cyrille!
Title: Using Geovisualization Interfaces to Improve Multi-Stakeholder Understanding of Okanagan Basin Hydrogeology
Examining Ctte: Dr. Nick Hedley (SFU Geography), Dr. Diana Allen (SFU Earth Science),Dr. Murray Journeay (NRCan)

March 30 2009

Ranae Kowalczuk successfully defended her MSc thesis today. Congrats to Ranae!
Title: Evaluating the Potential of Interactive Geovisualization Tools in Public Avalanche Education
Examining Ctte: Dr. Nick Hedley (SFU Geography), Dr. John Clague (SFU Earth Science), Dr. Pascal Haegeli (SFU Resource & Environmental Management).

March 2009

SIRL Director Dr. Nick Hedley and SIRL grad  student Matt Kurowski were featured in a new CBC documentary that aired this month. The 2-hour nationally-aired documentary, titled "Shockwave" reviewed a selection of the latest science and research to characterize, model and communicate tsunami hazards. The full documentary can be viewed on CBC's DocZone video player for those with Canadian IP addresses [trailer] [full documentary].

February 21 2009

SIRL grad student Cyrille Medard de Chardon won a prize for his research presentation at Spatial Knowledge and Information Conference 2009. His paper was rated  in the top five of over 40 student presentations given. Congrats to Cyrille!

February 21 2009

SIRL grad students Matt Kurowski and Cyrille Medard de Chardon presented their research at the Spatial Knowledge and Information Conference 2009 , in Fernie BC. Their titles were "Designing Public Geovisualizations to Improve Tsunami Education in Ucluelet, British Columbia", and "Real-time Interactive Groundwater Visualization using 3D Cellular Automata", respectively. SIRL Director Dr. Nick Hedley gave a presentation titled "Augmented Space: What Geographic Environments Might Look Like in the Near Future".



This is a paid developer opportunity. Please email Dr. Hedley at hedley@sfu.cafor details. POSITION FILLED

MARCH 2010 

There are no new graduate research positions available at this time. However, occasionally I do invite excellent senior undegraduates to work on a specific short-term project with us.

I will be looking for new MSc or PhD students to join us from Fall 2012*. (*Note that you must contact Dr. Hedley directly, before applying to SFU Geography's graduate program. The official application submission deadline occurs in the Jan/Feb of the same year in which a candidate wants to enter in Fall.)